All Savor Seasonings products are custom made in our own labs. Below are a few of the concepts we have developed in the past for our customers and some of the proactive products we developed. If you would like for us to make your special seasoning based on some of the ideas below, contact us and we will work with you just like we have for food manufacturers across the country.

Grilled Green Chili - The grilled note matched with the spicy chili creates a perfect combination that is growing in popularity.

Spicy Grilled Green Onion - This European inspired seasoning combines spicy with mild and sweet note of green onion.

Hot Dill Pickle - The tang of a dill pickle kicked up a notch with habanero-like heat make this seasoning bold and innovative.

Bacon Ranch - Take two all time favorites in an explosion of flavor, whatís more to say.

Jalapeno Ranch - This seasoning has the "kick" of Jalapeno combined with the mild, creamy flavor of Ranch Dressing.

Queso - This Mexican inspired blend of cheeses will melt in your mouth.

Caribbean Style - Caribbean Style Seasoning containing a complex, sweet, enticing flavor.

Parmesan & Garlic Seasoning - A classic Italian seasoning which blends creamy and powerful zesty flavors.

"Lawry's" Type Seasoned Salt - A popular flavor profile that provides an extra excitement to meats, vegetables and other foods.

BBQ Ranch Seasoning - The sweet and smoky notes of BBQ combined with the creamy notes of ranch will thrill your taste buds.

"Velveeta" Type Seasoning - A really smooth, creamy cheese profile that puts a twist on the basic cheddar profile.

Sweet Onion Seasoning - Intense and sweet. This seasoning taste compares to the fresh profile of a Vidalia onion.

Cheddar & Jalapeno Seasoning - Delivers the heat of jalapeno with a hint of cheddar to cool it down.

Chipotle Cheddar Seasoning - This seasoning captures a delicious smoky pepper flavor which is complimented by the cheese notes and a hint of heat.

Mustard Seasoning - An explosion of tangy and zesty flavors with a touch of heat tastes great on any snack.

Spicy Cheddar Seasoning - A cheesy seasoning with a wide variety of spices added for an extra element of heat.

Sage Seasoning - This seasoning has an ĎEarthyí aroma and flavor and is great for anyone desiring a savory snack.

Sweet & Sour Seasoning - This delicious Asian inspired seasoning is a twist of two flavors that will keep you wanting more.

Asian Seasoning - Traditional sweet and sour seasoning with an extra kick of heat.

Mediterranean Seasoning - Combines aromatic spices that are inspired by flavors of the Mediterranean.

Sriracha Seasoning - This spicy seasoning has an additional component of garlic and tangy notes and is rapidly growing in popularity.

Tropical Citrus & Spice Seasoning - Youíll feel like you are on a beach when you taste this blend of citrus and zing.

"Old Bay" Type Seasoning - This mix of spices is regionally popular, especially in the Southern and Coastal United States. Break the barriers! Itís not just great on seafood but it also tastes great on popcorn, chicken, vegetables and a variety of other foods.

Cheese Steak Seasoning - This seasoning has a beefy flavor with undertones of sautťed onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, hot sauce, and provolone cheese.

Bahama BBQ Seasoning - This spicy-sweet seasoning with a variety of spices and a punch of flavors puts a new, exciting twist on BBQ.

Tangy BBQ Seasoning -The extra bite of citrus notes in this seasoning will keep you coming back for more delicious zing.

Smoky BBQ Seasoning - We use an authentic smokehouse mix to create this "backyard" inspired seasoning.

Aged Cheddar & Onion Seasoning - This Irish inspired seasoning combines sharp and creamy notes with the powerful flavor of onion.

Firehouse Chili Seasoning - This spicy seasoning will "light" you up while offering you the full enjoyment of your favorite warm chili.

Sweet Chili Seasoning - Just a hint of sweetness provides you with a new appreciation for the typical chili.

Chipotle Chili Seasoning - This seasoning has all the heat of chili, but also a distinctive smoky flavor; a great combination on just about any food.

Smoky Swiss Cheese - This seasoningís great smoky flavor along with its distinctive smooth, milky notes makes it a winning seasoning combination.

Habanero Seasoning - This hot, spicy, tangy flavored seasoning has a more intensely piquant flavor. The heat combined with fruity, citrus -like flavor has made it a popular seasoning on a variety of foods.

Lime Seasoning - Your taste buds will spring to life when the citrus notes of this seasoning hit your mouth.

Mustard Potato Salad Seasoning - Taste just like the real thing; sweet onions, celery, eggs, pickle relish, salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Itís Summer time in a bag of chips.

Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza Seasoning - You will feel like youíre in an authentic pizzeria once you taste this seasoning on your food. It has all the flavor of pepperoni and cheese but you donít have to wait for delivery.

Salsa Verde Seasoning - This mix of exploding fresh flavors all contribute to create a delicious southwest salsa type seasoning.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Seasoning - The bold flavor of black pepper will delight your taste buds and the sea salt will rounds it out to deliver the full flavor.

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt Seasoning - The bold, savory aroma of hickory will make your mouth water and the sea salt will keep you coming back for more.

Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt Seasoning - This seasoning is a great way to add a bitter smoked flavor to any food. The salt brings out the natural flavors of the base while the smoke adds an extra factor.

Buffalo Wing Seasoning - Is a traditional combination of tangy, sweet and spicy seasonings with just a hint of Bleu Cheese. It can be game day every day!

Chili Lime Seasoning - The zing of lime will spring your taste buds to life and then youíll taste the spices and warmth of chili. Itís a twist of citrus and spice.

Cheddar and Sour Cream Seasoning - This popular, bold seasoning is a twist of creamy and sharp flavors all in one.

Spicy Ranch Seasoning - Add a kick to anything with this seasoning that delivers heat and creamy notes all in one.

Kettle Corn Seasoning - This seasoning will remind you of your favorite sweet and salty treat from the local fair.

Nacho Cheese Seasoning - This seasoning gives you the creamy notes of cheese with an extra zip of spices and flavors.

Parmesan Pepper Seasoning - In this Italian inspired seasoning the bold aroma and flavor of pepper is mellowed out by the creamy notes of parmesan.

Jalapeno Seasoning - This seasoning is simple, yet bold. It will kick your taste buds into high gear as soon as you smell it.

Sweet BBQ Seasoning - A traditional BBQ, smoky seasoning with a little something extra for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Bacon and Cheddar Seasoning - What a great combination, smoky bacon and creamy cheddar make for a delicious flavor.

Ketchup Seasoning - This seasoning is great for any food and it brings the full flavor of spices and tomatoes that you get in a bottle of ketchup.

Cajun Cheese Seasoning - The bold, intense spices of Cajun cuisine combined with the creamy, cooling notes of cheese is sure to taste great on your base.

Pimento Cheese Seasoning - Itís amazing what you can do with a adding a little Italian spin to the creamy notes of cheese, you have a wonderfully unique taste combination.

Extra Sharp Cheddar Seasoning - If you are looking for a cheese seasonings but you want it to have extra zip this is the seasoning for you.

Ranch Seasoning - This blend of seasonings is a near perfect match for the salad dressing that we all love.

Pizza Seasoning - Next time your customer is craving pizza they wonít have to wait on the delivery man because with this seasoning delivers all the delicious flavors.

Black Pepper Bacon Seasoning - You canít go wrong with the aroma and kick of black pepper and the smoky taste of bacon; the combination is mouthwatering.

Spicy Thai Seasoning - This bold and innovative seasoning will spice up your dish with heat, sweet and classic Thai flavors.

Salt and Pepper Seasoning - So simple and yet, absolutely delicious! The heat of pepper and savory salt keeps your mouth watering.

Hot and Sour Seasoning - This Chinese inspired seasoning is bold and unique. The tangy notes with a kick of heat will taste great on many bases and interest your customers.

Hawaiian Barbecue Style Seasoning - This seasoning will make you feel like its summertime all the time. It has the original smoky and sweet flavors of BBQ with the extra twist of citrus.

Lime & Black Pepper Seasoning - This wonderful "South of the Border" seasoning has the distinctive tangy kick of lime and the gentle undertone of black pepper for a truly delicious combination.

Enchilada Seasoning - Open a bag of this seasoning and you will find a passage way to the border.

Spicy Sea Salt & Citrus Seasoning - With this seasoning you get an up front spicy kick of salt and the citrusy cooling sensation to mellow it out.

Tomato-Basil-Vinaigrette Seasoning - Bring the fresh, earthy flavors of an authentic Italian seasoning to your foods.

Fiery Thai - This spicy, pungent seasoning blend balances heat with a tart lime flavor and secret spices. You can also use it as a dry rub to make an easy Thai marinade.

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