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When we founded Savor it was based on the notion that we had more that we could offer over our industry peers.

  • Exceptional customer service is our culture.

  • Food safety is a priority every day.

  • We value each customer no matter their size.

  • Innovation keeps us ahead of the market.

Simply put we know we do more to serve the needs of our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our community. We are sure you will feel the same. 

We are grateful for all of our business opportunities and partnerships.


Company History

August 2018

January 2016

July 2015

April 2012

August 2003

December 2002

Shelly Higgins became President and Savor Seasonings was certified as a Woman Owned business.


Corporate headquarters and manufacturing moved into newly constructed state of the art facility.

savor seasoning.jpg

Broke ground on Savor Seasonings new headquarters and manufacturing facilty.


Completed first unannounced BRC audit and achieved the highest rating, AA+.


Jeff and Shelly Higgins were present for the World Record breaking largest bag of potato chips at the Ohio State Fair.

Jeff and the Bag of chips.bmp

Shelly and Jeff Higgins founded Savor Seasonings with the vision: "Serve People".


Company Diversity


Savor Seasonings is dedicated to diversity in our workforce. This initiative starts at the top with Savor Seasonings being a certified woman owned business. 

  • 50% of our leadership team is female

  • 30% of our employees are female

  • 4% of our employees represent a minority


Let's Get


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