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Manufacturing Employees Thrive on Teamwork - Part 1

When Andrew Sutton started working on the manufacturing floor at Savor Seasonings in 2023, he immediately felt a sense of belonging that he hadn’t experienced anywhere else. 

“Everybody just made me feel at home,” he says. “We’re like a family out there. Everybody helps out and we get things done.” 

Part of the Team 
Andrew Sutton and Keith Brown stand in front of their Manufacturing Quality Statement.

That team mentality allows Savor employees like Andrew and one of his colleagues, Keith Brown, to see their own contribution while also providing a supportive community that fosters learning and growth. Established employees help new employees learn routines, and managers help established employees learn new systems and techniques. And they’re all focused on the same goal: serving people. 

“We make sure things run smoothly out there,” Sutton says. “We work together and help each other out. And because of that, we do good work.” 

The team works diligently to balance the tasks at hand each day, and recognize that no specific task is more important than another. And that’s one of the many reasons Brown and Sutton love coming to work each day. 

Workplace Culture 

Savor’s team mentality has created a vibrant workplace culture that thrives on community. From music on the manufacturing floor to strong bonds between coworkers, joy fuels the workplace environment at Savor Seasonings. 

“It really is the people here that make me want to come to work every day,” Brown says. “We’re friends. We’re coworkers. We get the job done and enjoy the process.” 

And this culture thrives both on and off of the manufacturing floor. Oftentimes, manufacturing employees engage in team-building exercises, or simply play hacky sack during lunch breaks. And they always make sure to treat each other as humans first. 

Andrew carefully palletizing finished products to be shipped out.

“They treat you well here. They take care of you. They truly try to help you in any way they can,” Sutton says. “It’s a supportive place to be.” 

Creativity in Routine 

The manufacturing process follows a certain routine every single day. Machine startup. Goals for the day. Machine operation from one step to the next. But within that routine, manufacturing employees find nuance and artistry. 

“I enjoy weighing the different things out and seeing the differences in formulas and varieties in the process,” Brown says. “Each batch is kind of the same, but it’s different. You get different ingredients and portions within the same process.” 

With Savor’s wide variety of creative seasoning options, the manufacturing team has to be equally creative in finding solutions to achieve the most efficient, effective end result. 


“I have a good rhythm with the bagging machine,” Sutton says, “but some seasonings are different when you weigh them out. You have to adjust the machine until you get it right for each seasoning combination.”

And it’s that space for creativity that keeps their routines fresh and enables Savor to maintain their premier food safety certifications, including an AA+ rating through BRCGS.

Looking Forward 

With such a supportive workplace culture and a team-focused process, Savor’s manufacturing employees are as invested in the company’s future as Savor is in the future of their employees. 

“Our whole team is always positive with everything, always encouraging me to learn more, and always giving me the opportunity to do so,” Brown says. “I’m definitely here for the long haul.” 

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