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Savor’s Dedication to Saving Customers Time and Money with Freight Costs

Providing industry leading responsiveness, quality, and food safety, Savor continues to find opportunities to serve our customers. With 97% on-time deliveries, 98% on-time samples, the fastest lead time in the industry, and 24 hour turnaround time on basic documents, we’re sure to keep our customers top of mind in all that we do, including saving you time and money on freight costs.

2024 Freight Trends

The US freight cycle fundamentals are starting to recover after the negative pandemic impact. Influenced by various factors, including economic conditions, global events, technological advancements, and regulatory changes, the US freight cycle is forecasted to improve in 2024.

With disposable incomes and retail sales increasing, there is a projected 2% increase on consumer spending in 2024. However, global ocean shipping continues to experience major disruptions as attacks on shipping in the Red Sea disrupted traffic through the Suez Canal, in addition to low water in the Panama Canal. Reflecting on these incidents, we can expect to see freight directed to the west coast ports, impacting the air and land freight movements.

Savor Reduces Freight Costs for Customers

At Savor, we understand the need for competitive pricing when it comes to freight costs. In October of 2022, we increased our standard maximum pallet size from 2,000# to 2,500#, providing customers with significant savings in freight costs and is a wiser environmental choice. Our manufacturing team carefully places each bag onto the pallet, safely securing the product prior to shipping.

As prices continue to be volatile, Savor is actively looking for ways to help with easing price strain. We’re continuously monitoring market trends and regulatory changes to ensure we’re prepared to provide the best customer service and maintaining our competitive edge at the same time.

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