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Our Innovative Seasonings, Your Key to Happy Tastebuds.

Experience flavors of the future with Bold Combinations, taste Familiar Favorites, Spice it Up, and enjoy Ethnic Inspired culinary creations! Learn more about the seasonings we featured at Sweets & Snacks.

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We Serve Taste Buds

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Service Name

Sweet Brown Butter

A flavorful blend that combines the richness and nutty flavor of brown butter with sweet warm caramelized notes of maple syrup. Typically featured on a crispy crunch pretzel twist base.


Service Name

Lavender Masala

An infusion that adds a delicate floral flavor to rich, aromatic spices, creating a unique and sophisticated flavor profile. Typically placed on a crispy rice chex or a cashew nut.


Service Name

Blueberry Muffin

Indulge in a delightful blend of flavors that enhance the natural sweetness and tanginess of blueberries, mixed into a delicious muffin batter bursting with flavor in every bite. Typically featured on a crunchy pretzel twist, crispy rice chex, or mixed into greek yogurt.

Customized Seasonings for You

Explore our individualistic offerings. We endeavor to understand your target market through a rigorous process: first, we research your product, application method and rate. Then, we work with you to identify the qualifications and requirements for your product. Finally, we complete a prototype application to ensure base optimization, which results in less revisions and more success for you! We offer:

  • Clean Label

  • Non GMO

  • Non GMO Project Verifiable

  • USDA Organic

  • Kosher

  • Ask about more options! SDS available upon request.

Chicken meat with tikka masala sauce, spicy curry food in a bowl with rice and seasonings,

Ethnic Inspired

Meatball sandwich with tomato sauce and cheese on a hoagie roll.jpg


Plate with hot honey, garlic and dry chi

Bold Combinations

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Spice It Up!

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