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Customized Seasonings

How do we accomplish such individualistic results? We first research your product, application method and rate. More importantly, we endeavor to understand your target market. 

  • Clean Label

  • Non GMO

  • Non GMO Project Verifiable

  • USDA Organic

  • Kosher

  • Ask about more options!

Poultry and Sausages

Application Skill

Seasoning prototype application is an integral step in the product develop process here at Savor Seasonings.  Almost every seasoning we create is put through a complete application process in our own lab before it is approved and sent to you. 


It saves you time!  We develop the seasoning to be optimized for your base which results in less revisions and more success.

Flavors to Savor


"We requested seasonings from 5 other seasoning suppliers for this project and Savor’s samples blew all the others out of the water on taste!”

-Ashley B.

Natural Food Marketer 

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