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Savor Seasonings Builds a Culture of Trust through Company Benefits

Every employee wants to work for a company that makes them feel valued and trusted, a company that embodies their professed values. And Savor Seasonings strives to be that company.

With the value of serving others woven into the company’s foundation, Savor Seasonings demonstrates that value to its own employees through outward displays like community service and company events. But there’s a practical, less obvious way that Savor Seasonings serves their employees: company benefits.

Through intentional company benefit programs, Savor Seasonings has created a workplace culture that truly focuses on employee well-being.

1. Workplace Therapist

Employees spend a large portion of their day at work and, even if that workplace’s culture is thriving, people still carry their personal lives and emotions into their jobs. And that’s where a workplace

therapist can offer help.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, 75 percent of people who enter therapy show benefits from the experience, including improved emotional and psychological well-being (and fewer sick days). Providing access to a therapist in the workplace brings this benefit to employees with ease. Access to a workplace therapist can increase employee job satisfaction and enhance bonds between coworkers by helping with a wide range of challenges, like a specific diagnosis, stress, anxiety, mood changes, and relationship difficulties.

While most companies do not provide access to therapy inside or outside of the workplace, Savor Seasonings is different, offering access to a workplace therapist for every employee whenever they need support.

2. Unlimited PTO

Savor Seasonings has built a culture of trust with its employees, and that culture of trust shows itself through their policy of unlimited paid time off for all salaried employees.

While only six percent of American companies offer unlimited PTO, more and more companies are moving in this direction. And for good reason. It shows employees that their employer trusts them to focus on their valuable contributions to the company and honors their needs to navigate lives outside of work. It also allows employees to focus on their own well-being so they can bring their best mindset to the office. Parents can prioritize family. People can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, take a sick day to heal, or take care of loved ones. Then, they can return to their work with a higher motivation to connect, collaborate, and contribute.

Savor Seasonings knows that it’s at its best when each employee is at their best. And allowing each employee the freedom and trust to focus on being their best fuels the foundation of unlimited PTO.

3. Workplace Chaplain

Workplace chaplains offer spiritual support to employees who choose their services. Though common in military service and hospital wings, workplace chaplains remain a rare workplace benefit

in most companies, yet their services have enhanced company culture and individual

employee wellness.

Though the benefit isn’t required or intrusive, simply having the benefit available puts employees at ease. With the option to access a workplace chaplain, many employees find themselves happier and more connected to their coworkers and teams. Employees with access to a workplace chaplain have also reported higher engagement in their jobs and more confidence in their ability to resolve conflict.

Savor Seasonings offers access to a workplace chaplain for all employees who chose to use this benefit, a service which they’ve even extended to families.

The value of serving others is embedded in everything that Savor Seasonings does, and serving others includes the people closest to us: company employees and families. The company knows that each employee’s overall well-being is crucial to the company’s ability to grow and thrive. By fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes human wellness, employees will be happier and more innovative in their work. And everyone will be better because of it.

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