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Savor Seasonings Creates Positive Change by Serving Their Community

Whether it’s a pie in the face, a splash in a dunk tank, or empowering a rural village in Guatemala, Savor Seasonings exemplifies the value of service. And they always have.

From the company’s inception in 2002, Savor Seasonings has led their industry with a simple core belief: serve others. With the value of service embedded in everything they do, Savor Seasonings continues to utilize their opportunities and partnerships to create positive changes in their community at local, national, and international levels.

IPM Food Pantry

For years, Savor Seasonings has partnered with IPM Food Pantry, an organization that aims to expand food access to their community in the Cincinnati area.

In the fall of 2021, Savor Seasonings competed against other local businesses to see who could collect the most food. While encouraging more businesses to jump into the competition, the Savor team also collected 771 pounds of food that went directly toward helping their own community members.

More recently, members of the Savor team jumped behind the barbecue at IPM’s Hot Food Friday, where they cooked and distributed meals for 85 families who struggle with food insecurity.

Freestore Foodbank

Savor Seasonings has also held a longstanding partnership with Freestore Foodbank, a Cincinnati-based organization that aims to improve lives by eliminating hunger.

Recently, the Savor team hosted the Duck Event at the Savor Seasonings headquarters to raise awareness and funds, helping community members who are food insecure. The event featured snacks, community cohesion, and the chance to dunk Savor’s co-founder, Jeff Higgins, in the dunk tank. The event helped generate 15,615 meals for community members who struggle with food insecurity.

Dream. Invest. Grow.

DIG aims to end the cycle of poverty and malnutrition in rural Guatemala through community empowerment. And Savor Seasonings continues to seek out opportunities to help with this mission.

While embarking on purposeful travel to Guatemala, Savor team members helped with sustainable projects and community education to make a long-term impact. But, when they returned from their experience, Savor team members knew that they could continue their involvement. They got to work fundraising, and their efforts helped fund schools and self-sustaining projects in the rural Guatemalan village.

But they didn’t stop there. Shelly Higgins, President of Savor Seasonings, was able to use her passion and skillset to serve on the Board of Directors for DIG, helping them to guide their path forward. And still, they continue to sponsor fundraising efforts to empower a community that, though far away, feels so close to home.

Expanding Involvement

Savor Seasonings continues to find ways to uplift their community by leveraging their connections, relationships, and platforms. They have partnered with Matthew 25: Ministries to help those in need when they need it most. They’ve also partnered with Marketplace Chaplains to bring wellness support to workplaces.

Savor Seasonings aims to help all employees find ways to serve their community, their country, and the world by providing opportunities to donate and volunteer their time. From donations to events to on-the-ground help, the Savor team finds ways to jump in.

With the value of service so ingrained in the company’s culture, Savor Seasonings continues to look for opportunities to serve their community, and they always encourage other people to find ways to get involved in their efforts. If you’re looking for ways to support Savor’s community involvement, take a look at their community impact and see where you can lend a hand.

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