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Exclusive New Program & Holiday Season Flavor Trends

Holiday Season Flavor Trends

The holiday season is approaching and will be here before you know it. Stay ahead of the curve and on top of the trends with bold, unique, and delicious flavors that so many love and call their favorites. Savor Seasonings offers flavors like Snickerdoodle, Pecan Pie, S’mores, Pumpkin Latte, Orange Cardamom, Apple Crisp, Sugar Cookie, and Gingerbread. Find more information about these fantastic nostalgic flavors below!


One thing is for sure; when you take a bite of a s'more, you are reminded of special times spent with friends and family laughing around a cozy campfire. Savor Seasonings is bringing the campfire coziness inside with their S'mores Seasoning. Enjoy in a whipped cream cheese dessert dip, pretzels, crackers, or coffee! One taste of a s'more seasoned treat and you will feel as though you are back around a campfire, gathered with those you love, the smell of a campfire in the air, and the sweet, warm, crunchy, gooey deliciousness of your perfectly cooked s'more. What s'more could you want?!

Pecan Pie

A holiday favorite, pecan pie is one of the most well-known pies. The mixture of savory, crunchy, salty, buttery, and sweet brings wonders to the imagination. Pecan pie leaves no surprise as to how it has risen to fame. Now, pecan pie seasoning is rising to fame with its bold flavors. Savor Seasonings' amazing pecan pie seasoning is allergen-free so that everyone can enjoy it! Get creative with pecan pie seasoning!

Apple Crisp

This old-fashioned dessert is a favorite for many. A bite of apple crisp is the perfect combination of warm, cold, sweet, crunchy, and crumbly. The blend of the ingredients from the fresh, sweet apples to the crunchy, crumbly crust will get you excited! And then, topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream will leave you wanting another bite. Imagine this magic in a seasoning! Apple crisp flavored ice cream...woah.

Orange Cardamom

Orange Cardamom brings light, spicy, citrusy, and refreshing flavors together to form a distinct and unique taste that many love. You won't regret trying this amazingly aromatic and alluring taste. A warm cup of orange cardamom tea sounds as cozy as it gets!


The ultimate cookie flavor. Snickerdoodle offers the perfect burst of flavor with the classic and unmatched duo of cinnamon and sugar; do any other two ingredients blend so wonderfully? Well, if so, Savor Seasonings will find that winning combination! It can be the perfect combination for popcorn, dips, pretzels and more.

Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies are imperative to any Holiday gathering, especially where cookie decorating is concerned! Simple, yet oh so delicious with that smooth, light, soft, buttery taste begging a seventh cookie to slip into your hand. The flavor of sugar cookies embodies the adage "less is more."


Is there a more festive flavor than gingerbread? The scent of gingerbread cookies is enough to warm up any heart. There is something magical about a gingerbread house. Those sweet miniature cookie homes have the ability to take us back in time; sitting at home, cozy lights reflecting off the windows from the decorated tree, fingers sticky from the icing used as glue for the gingerbread walls.

Pumpkin Latte

Perhaps the most popular autumn flavor is pumpkin latte. Pumpkin latte is smooth and spicy all in one. The coziness of pumpkin pie is perfectly encapsulated in pumpkin latte seasoning. You will surely be thankful after a pumpkin latte treat!

New Program

Further developing ways to improve, and embracing innovation is a passion and an essential aspect of Savor Seasonings. Our goal is to constantly be analyzed to find ways to improve to give our customers the best and highest quality product we can. Savor Seasonings is creating a new program where potential customers can receive a $1,500 credit to work with our team in our lab. Unleash your creativity and collaborate with our incredible team to test various combinations and bring your imagination to life. Join us on a flavor-filled journey.

Savor Seasonings believes that eating should be an enjoyable experience, not just a means to an end, because a flavor is much more than just a taste. Flavors evoke emotion and bring nostalgia. A bite into a delicious Italian hoagie can send one down memory lane, reminiscing on a mother's secret recipe, a wedding night, or a family vacation. Good and tasty food has the amazing capability of forging fond memories of fun times well spent. Create your own special memories in the kitchen with Savor Seasonings.

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